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Danang - Miami of the East

  Having explored the north of Vietnam , it was time to move down South from Hanoi towards the more tropical climates. Danang, which is right in the center of the country was the next logical stop for us with its diverse geography containing vast expansive beaches to amazing hills.  Why Danang? Danang is one of the newest cities in  Vietnam with a large expansive waterfront skyline. It is fast catching up as a major tourist destination and has been coined as the Miami of the East. Along with amazing sunsets at the My Khe beach, one can also visit the nearby Bana hills to get a feel of the mountains. The city has some amazing bridges, water cruises, and in a way, it feels different from the whole of Vietnam due to its well-designed architecture.  How to Reach & Where to Stay? Danang is very well connected from all major countries through its International airport. The airport being right in the center of the city makes the commute times even less. One can easily book a grab under

Vietnam Travel & Food guide

Ninh Binh Hanoi

Where is Vietnam? 

Vietnam is a really unique country. The modernization, rich culture, food, impact of the Vietnam war all blend to create an experience you will cherish for long.  Its a small coastal country in South East Asia bordered by Cambodia, China and Laos.

The country might occur to you like a thin piece of land stretched across the north and south and you get to experience a variety of cultures but that is the beauty of it. The best itineraries involve entering the country at one end and exiting at the other as the best two cities Hanoi (the capital with amazing foggy weather) & Ho Chi Minh (the financial capital and the largest city) are located in the north & the south. To discover our itinerary suggestions, refer to The best 1 week, 2 week, 4 week Vietnam travel plans (Coming soon).

How to Reach & Visa Procedure?

There are multiple international carriers that operate across the United States, Europe, Asia, Oceania directly to the 3 major airports of Vietnam. For domestic travel Vietnam Airline, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways are some of the options

Major International Airports

  • Noi Ban International Airport, Hanoi
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • Da Nang International Airport


Vietnam has a straight forward visa procedure. There are two ways by which you can apply for a visa-  Visa on arrival, Electronic Visa. A single entry visa costed me 25$ but if you choose VOA option, you need to have an approval letter which will again cost you upwards of 6$ bias ow early you apply for the letter. I personally feel EVisa is a better option as you save a lot of time at the airport (plus one less queue). Evisa can directly be applied to the Vietnam ministry Website whereas you will find various websites selling approval letters for VOA.


The currency in Vietnam is known as Vietnamese Dong (VND), click here for the latest conversion rates. Vietnam is one of those countries where you can get the best conversion rates on the airports itself. 

Accommodation & Cost of Living

Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries to travel to and eat with loads of hostel accommodations sharting at 4$ to private rooms starting at 10$. Apart from living, local transportation is really cheap and you can roam around in Grab Taxis(Just like Uber so do download the app). For solo travellers there's even an option for Grab Motorbikes which takes you around cities in less than a dollar, can you beat that?

Vietnamese food has to be the highlight of my trip. I am sure you must have heard of the famous PHO, but let me tell you that it is just the tip of the iceberg. The variety and the depth of flavours is unmatchable and combined with the prices, no place on earth can match it. Period. Here is my list of Best 10 Vietnamese Food to try. Also don't miss the Vietnamese EGG coffee (I know it sounds weird but you will love me once you try it)

I have come across a lot of debates of Vietnam vs Thailand but the price factor makes Vietnam win by a comfortable margin. Along with food, coffee culture is really strong here with one of the best roasts being served at one-tenth the price of your Starbucks back in town. 

Nightlife in Vietnam

Some people claim that Vietnam is the cheapest country in the world and that is visible even in its nightlife culture. On my visit to Vietnam, I have had local fresh brewed beers for as less as 0.30$ (mind blown) which is known as Bia Hoi. All across the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Bui Vien street in Saigon you will find small bars where tourists and locals mingle and have beers with amazing food, no wonder Vietnam has the world's highest per capita beer consumption. 

Even fancy pubs, craft beers are available. Here is my recommendation for the best bars across various cities in Vietnam (Coming Soon). Check them out in your next visit and let me know if you visit them in your next trip

Things to do in Vietnam

Well, I started my Vietnam trip from the North and made my way down to the South. Here is my top list of experiences. Click on each one of them to delve into the numerous things they hold for you

Absorb the old world charm of Hanoi covering the Old Quarter, French Quarter, Beer Street

Trek to amazing rice terraces and explore the hill tribes in Sapa

Get Lost in caves of Marble mountains & click Insta worthy pics on Bana Hills in Danang

Get custom made clothes and explore culmination of Chinese, Japanese, french architecture at Hoi An

Explore Vietnam War remnants in Saigon and take day trips to Mekong Delta & Chu Chi tunnels

Halong Bay


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