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Danang - Miami of the East


Danang River

Having explored the north of Vietnam, it was time to move down South from Hanoi towards the more tropical climates. Danang, which is right in the center of the country was the next logical stop for us with its diverse geography containing vast expansive beaches to amazing hills. 

Why Danang?

Danang is one of the newest cities in Vietnam with a large expansive waterfront skyline. It is fast catching up as a major tourist destination and has been coined as the Miami of the East. Along with amazing sunsets at the My Khe beach, one can also visit the nearby Bana hills to get a feel of the mountains. The city has some amazing bridges, water cruises, and in a way, it feels different from the whole of Vietnam due to its well-designed architecture. 

Danang Skyline

How to Reach & Where to Stay?

Danang is very well connected from all major countries through its International airport. The airport being right in the center of the city makes the commute times even less. One can easily book a grab under 3$ for the same. 

When it comes to choosing a place to stay in Danang, there are a plethora of options but the best place is to stay on sea-facing hotels near My Khe beach. Not only will you witness splendid sunsets but also the nearby mountain ranges and greenery will blow your mind. We stayed at the Everland hotel which was a 10-minute walk from the beach

Hotels in Danang

Places to visit in Danang

Well, Danang has a lot to offer.... be it places with historical value or party places. So, let's get started with my list of top things to do

1) Visit the ancient city of Hoi An

Well, the most visited place in Danang is the ancient city of Hoi An. At a distance of about 30 km from the city center, this is a city in itself. I took a taxi from the airport straight to my hotel in Hoi An to spend 2 full days there. 

The ancient city has influences from French, Japanese & Chinese architecture with its yellow images serving as a perfect backdrop for Insta worthy images. Along with its number of ancient bridges & museums, one can walk or take a bicycle ride in the vehicle-free zone of the ancient city. I will cover this entire journey in a separate blog as there are lots to do & eat here. 

Hoi An ancient village

2) Get lost in magnificent Marble Mountain Caves

The best way to start your visit to Danang after coming back from Hoi An is to cover the Marble Mountains. These are a cluster of 5 small hills representing the 5 natural forces of the Earth namely fire, water, etc. These hills have a series of caves within them where one can explore the hidden temples and pagodas. 

You should expect to spend at least 4 hours to explore all these hidden points. Please wear some good shoes as some of the paths are really narrow with no proper stairs which are sure to give you all an adrenaline boost. While it can be covered completely on foot, there is an option to take elevators for climbing up if you want to take stuff easy.

Marble Mountains

3) Roam around the French Village on top of Bana Hill

Bana Hills is a resort & hill station located on the hills west of Danang. It has often referred to as Dalat and was originally established during the French rule in Vietnam. The location has been recently converted into a French village themed resort which promises to give one a full day of fun and loads of Insta worthy pictures. I am sure you must have seen the famous Hand bridge picture, well they are from here itself.

We booked a private tour which took us to the village through a cable car and we really enjoyed the amazing views and architecture it had to offer. If you are short of time in your trip, you can skip this though as I don't think this represents the culture of Vietnam

Bana Hills

Hand Bridge Vietnam

4) Seek blessings from the Mighty Lady Buddha

This has to be the tallest Buddha statue at 67m in the whole country and has to be on your bucket list not just for its magnificence but also its uniqueness of being the Lady form. It's just a 20 min drive from the city with the whole statue visible from the city. There are multiple Pagodas as well in the complex so you can relax in the serene atmosphere or as we say "Vatavaran".


Lady Buddha

4) Chill on the My Khe Beach

Considered as one of the most picturesque beaches in the whole country, this 20km long beach takes its name from the American troops who visited while the American War was going on. The sunsets on these beaches are to die for. Grab yourself a beer or two and just relax or just go for a swim. There are multiple water activities for which one can pay and enjoy.

There are multiple beach clubs where one can chill once the sun goes down. My favorite has to be the Apocalypse Beach club where one can even enjoy fire shows every Thursday night.

5) City & Food tour

The city of Danang has a lot to offer from regular tourist places. It has some amazing river cruises where one can dine in luxury, some amazing bridges such as the famous Dragon Bridge where a fire show happens every Saturday evening. There are a lot of rooftop clubs giving an amazing view of the city along with amazing seafood places. You can find some amazing Pho, Ban Xeo, Mi Khue all around the city all with a central Vietnam twist to it. Click here to read my blog on top Vietnamese dishes to try.

Dragon Bridge

The city of Danang was a memorable stop for me while in Vietnam. It gave me a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of other cramped cities and worked as a fresh breath of air that my trip wanted. Also, got to experience the culture very closely here...


Till next time when we move further down south to the financial capital of Vietnam ............... 
Stay tuned for some more action

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